Villa Italo Tipolitography

Professionalism and passion in lithography since 1967

The Villa Italo Tipolitografia was born in Lecco in 1967 as an individual artisan enterprise. In the following twenty years the company grew thanks to the work of the entrepreneur and founder Italo, skilled in enhancing his personal and commercial relationships.

In 1991 his wife Maria Elisa and in 1996 their son Andrea joined the company. Finally, in March 2011 the company took on its current structure with Andrea Villa as the only participant.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of its administrative staff, Villa Italo Tipolitografia has continued to grow over the years and still employs 10 people .

Today our headquarters are in Sirone, in the province of Lecco ; we are a solid reality in the panorama of Lecco typography . With professionalism and experience we take care of:

  • Direct digital printing of secondary packaging

  • Digital print

  • Offset printing

  • Hot stamping

  • Digital and traditional die-cutting

  • Packaging and small paper converting bonding

Typolitography Villa offers its services to various customers in Lombardy, Italy and ut of Italy; also making use of an internal delivery service and the help of an express courier.