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Die cutting


Die cutting


Digital and traditional die-cutting

Villa Italo Tipolitografia, with experience and professionalism, deals with digital and traditional die-cutting serving various customers in Lombardia, in Italy and outside Italy. The Tipolitografia Villa, based in Sirone in the province of Lecco, offers a professional die-cutting service, for the creation of many products and paper products.

What is die cutting?
The term die cutting defines the process that is used to cut a flat and thin material, in order to produce a specific and precise shape. Born to cut leather, this method is now used in typography to cut paper, card and cardboard, in order to create customized printing products.

What is a die?
Die-cutting tools are used for die-cutting operations, special tools consisting of a steel band with a cutting upper profile that reproduces a specific shape. The dies allow to perform a precise cut on paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, rubbers and plastics, giving the printed matter a personalized shape.

The digital die-cutting , ideal for short runs, is a flat plotter die-cutting system, equipped with a cutting blade and creasing tool. Therefore, thanks to this system, there is no longer the need to produce a die whose cost would significantly affect the final price.

  • Business cards, postcards and invitations

  • Brochures, flyers and playbills

  • Catalogs, manuals, brochures and booklets

  • Folders, notepads and calendars

  • Labels and cases